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Alaska Highway Memories

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Canyon Creek Memories, by DennyD:
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In Spring 1962 I took my posting with CNT to the Repeater Station at mile 996, Canyon Creek, Yukon. Across the highway from my office was the Canyon Creek Lodge. Standing at my front door and to my right was the famous old bridge over the Aishihik River. Across the river and high on the hill above was a quaint Native Cemetery; complete with little houses, windows to allow a peek into the furnished and equipped dining room ! My responsibility for the CN Telecommunications camp was for the five residences    More...
Grandpas Time at Whitehorse., by VaderSpade:
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My grandfather helped build the trans Alaska Highway. In particular, the first bridge on the Yukon River at Whitehorse. It was 1942 and despite a ban on cameras (because of WWII) Grandpa brought home a few dozen pictures. Some of the pictures show them blowing the ice with dynamite. He said the ice took out their first bridge. He had lots of great stories from his time up there. Is there a way I could share his pictures?    More...
Summer 67, by Peter:
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In the summer of 1967 I was 20. And I had the great luck to get a summer job at th Canada Customs Office in Beaver Creek. I was a student at SFU at the time. The Customs Officers were Ralph Hollis, the supervisor, Pete Foth and Earl Stephenson. There were two other SFU student Customs Officers, Rick Fears and Alan Danielson. There were also about five girls there from SFU who worked at the Alaskan Border Lodge. It was a great adventure for me. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who was there at the time. Golden Days.    More...


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