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mileage log
This mileage log was found in a map and accommodations directory published by National Advertising System, Ltd. of Edmonton in 1947, the year the Alaska Highway was opened to civilian traffic. 1947.
Yukon Archives. Alaska Highway Directory Maps, Edmonton: National Advertising System, Ltd. 1947 (PAM 1947-26c Coutts collection)

Impact of the Highway

mileage logTourists are a source of humour for Yukoners.

Boom and busts

Taylor and Drury storeWhitehorse Star ArticleWhitehorse Star report on plans to build new hospital wingrecreational facilitiesFigure 7: Map key for the following two maps.Figure 8: population distributionFigure 14: population distribution of the Yukon 1966notice in local newspaperevolution and present

First Nations

Here I am Yet.Carcross Chief in ceremonial dressMoose Bill and his wife, Nellie Johnny

Wildlife, the Environment, and the Economy

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